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About Us

You can make a difference by Helping someone!!!.

Bless funds App is the safer and easier way to help others and getting help from others on urgent needs of any individuals via this online platform. This app allows anyone to pay in a smaller amount to help others to get themself eligible to ask help via online using the secured payment gateway in easy method without sharing any financial information.

The key objective of this app development is mainly to focus on public service oriented by motivating the individuals to help the needy people.

Giving back to the community is very important to anyone to create a small impact for creating a healthy and caring community around us. This is a great way to make the largest impact on the most people whom you don’t know who are requested for help.

100% of the transferred funds directly goes to the needy peoples to take care of their needs.

Our Vision

In this fast-paced world when technology is changing by the minute, not everyone is paid more. It’s the responsibility of people towards people to help each other grow to make a better India.

We are focusing on two types of groups from society.
1. People who need money.
2. People who can help with a small amount of money.

This app works being as a bridge to connect these two groups each other to reach financial goals for those individual persons in need.

Many times, everyone thought to help others who are in need, but the situations and the other factors are not in favouring to do so., considering all those factors this Bless Funds app will be the right platform for the peoples who want to donate some amount to the society to do a bare minimum from their side in a safer way.

This Bless Funds app is giving the opportunity to everyone to help those who need help and who are ready to help.

Help Each Other

You do not need to travel too far because you can find a needy peoples, in fact all are around us but we didn’t realise them. It is obvious that many other people are now coming forward to help the needy peoples in any forms which every comfortable to them. Their problems will be solved more quickly if you also join this Bless Funds initiative for helping the needy peoples.

There are many benefits of helping the needy peoples. Some people do it because they want to spread smiles, some people do it because they are really worried about helpless people, and some do it to ensure everyone is happy and satisfied with what he has got.

Whatever the reason is, you should do good deeds to be a better person. The amount you donate does not matter because you can try whatever you can do in your capacity.

When you are helping others in terms of monetary, physically or mentally, you are not a part of a crowd. You are an example of that society. Help others without any selfishness, there should not be any personal interest and whatever you do selfishness, this will come back again to you when you need help.

Together we can make a difference by helping each other to create a greater and healthier society, which can be self-sustained.

How It Works ?


Download the App from the Google Play store for Android or App Store for iOS.


Provide the Necessary information (Name, Mobile Number, Email-id & Bank UPI id) to finish your registration.


OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number to verify. Do not disclose the OTP.


After completing the registration, add Rs.100 to your ‘Recharge’ wallet to Help People.


After adding Rs.100 to your ‘Recharge’ wallet, you will be eligible to Help People and get help from People.


Now you can go to ‘Help People’ icon and select anybody whom you wish to help.


Select Minimum Rs.1 to Help each person. If you wish to help more, you can select the amount of your choice from the given options.


People will also help you in return, you will receive funds in your ‘Blessed Fund’ wallet.


If you have to be eligible for ‘Blessed Fund’ wallet balance withdrawal, make your ‘Recharge’ wallet balance Zero by Helping People.


No Interest!! No Repayment!!
In ‘Blessed Fund’ wallet, minimum withdrawal amount is Rs.500 and the maximum withdrawal amount is Rs.10,000.


If your ‘Blessed Fund’ wallet balance is Rs.500, but you still need more Help from People you can wait patiently, until your ‘Blessed Fund’ wallet reaches the amount you expect.


Once you withdraw the amount from ‘Blessed Fund’ wallet. If you are satisfied and want to continue with BlessFunds App to Help People and get Help from People. You will have to recharge your wallet again with Rs.100.

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For any query you can send us email or contact on given details.

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